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Gorman's Meat Market has been family owned and operated in the Dallas area since 1958. We carry Texas and Kansas 'prime or choice' Angus grass fed beef, grain-fed pork, farm fresh chickens packed in ice and several of our own fresh made sausages. We also carry USDA inspected buffalo, elk, venison, ostrich, alligator, pheasant, duck, lamb, veal, frog legs, and are able to special order just about any exotic animal you might want to try your hand at cooking. We pick up fresh seafood including shrimp prawns, Atlantic salmon, Idaho river trout, European haddock filet, grouper filet, and farm raised catfish every Friday. We will gladly order in whatever your heart desires. You can rest assured that we take pride in serving you. We won't sell anything that's not good enough to take home to our own families.

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God said...Ahhhh, finally you have the idea.

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